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  • Tom Briggs

Visiting with Le Cocon de Cabrousse (Orphanage)

Several days ago, we came to visit Le Concon de Cabrouse, and met some really great people. We talked with Ngima, who showed us around the orphanage.

There are 16 boys and 16 girls between the ages of 9 to 18. The boys all sleep in one room, and the girls another. Every child has a nice bed, with clean linens provided to all. They are all well dressed and arrangements have been made for each of them to attend the nearby high school. Everything has been well planned and executed. We talked with many of the children and were very impressed with their kindness and curiosity. They have been given a secure and safe place to grow up and feel loved and cared for.

We also met Michel, the founder and heart of this place. Michel is an older Frenchman who came here 10 years ago specifically to create an orphanage, At the time, there were none for the entire region of Casamance.

Michel was honest with us, and told us at this time, there wasn't much that we could do for them. That was not the response I was expecting, then he mentioned that he would really like us to teach the children how to properly use a computer. We will begin two 1.5 sessions every Saturday. I am really excited to spend more time here...

Especially because I made a very special friend...

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