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guediawaye community center

This project is very special to us at KOVA for many reasons, including that it was our very first project in Africa.  We began in November 2017, when we met a man called Malick Sarr.  He was an extraordinary man with a beautiful way of involving everyone around him to achieve great things.  Malick was tragically killed in a car accident, and all of us at KOVA felt committed to fulfilling his dream for this community garden in Guediawaye, Dakar, Senegal.  

Before his death, Malick had enlisted the entire community to remove years of accumlated trash and debris from a plot of land adjacent to a local high school.  He taught many volunteers the process of creating rich soil through an organized method of composting.  He involved many community leaders and received donations of materials for preparing the land for fruits and vegetables.  It was at this point that we lost our great leader.  

We were determined to continue with his strong efforts.  We began by digging a deeper well, buying and installing an electric pump, two 1000 liter reservoirs, and all the components for drip irrigation.  The project was completed in August 2018.  Everyone was extremely happy, but then we realized that the electricity that was supplied by the high school was extremely unreliable.

So, we began to plan for a Phase 2 of the project.  We wanted to convert the system to use solar energy and a new solar pump.  

Phase 2 will be started and completed within the month of May 2019.  

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