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Guediawaye Community Center -Phase 1

This project is dedicated to the late Malick Sarr who began this project to provide a beautiful community garden for a challenging neighborhood.  Phase One was completed August 2018 with a new well, water reservoirs, a new electric pump, and drip irrigation to grow fruits and vegetables on a 1/4 hectare piece of land adjacent to Pikine East High School, in Senegal..

Guediawaye Community Center -Phase 2

Phase 2 involves the conversion of our design to solar energy.  Installation of a solar pump and solar panels will remove dependence on an inadequate and unreliable electrical system provided by the adjacent school.

We will complete Phase 2 by the end of May 2019.

Roff Village Improvement

Roff is a small village located 25 miles from Mbour, Thies Region, Senegal.  We have partnered with the South Korean government to provide this wonderful village with filtered water for drinking, and to develop a 12 hectare farm.  This farm will produce fruits and vegetables for the village and to produce revenue for other needs, as well as create many jobs.




One of our goals is to assist others in the use of solar energy, drip irrigation, effective composting, aquaponics, and newer technologies.  We want to development a place where people can come and learn, practice, and obtain assistance and planning for their future projects.  We are always looking for places and connections with others to achieve this goal of helping as many people as possible.

Le Groupe Scolaire Les Cajoutiers 

The School Group Cajoutiers includes preschool and elementary cycles for hearing and deaf children and children with down syndrome.


We have three exciting projects in progress at this wonderful school, which include a cultural exchange program, teacher computer training, and a 1 1/2 hectare farm..

El Hadji Ilimane Thiaw School

Cultural exchange between two classes of nine/ten year olds - one in Africa (Yoff, Dakar, Senegal, and the other in St. Petersburg, FL, USA.  The children interact with each other over Skype sessions to better understand the similarities and differences between their lives.

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