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Mamadou has earned a paycheck

For $150.00 dollars per month, if 30 of us will donate $5.00 per month Mamadou’s position will be funded and we will have created a job, gainful employment for a good-hearted man that has believed in what Tom is doing and has been until now helping for free. I asked Tom what does for KOVA.

Tom: Mamadou has been really fantastic making sure that all of my bad French is translated and understood by the students. This is really important when we are working with an average class size of 45, and one with 71.

He works really well with the students, due to his coaching of basketball for many years. He has been working with KOVA for about two years, on and off, and full-time for the last two months. He has helped us to fully prepare the school farm for planting, completed the painting of the wall surrounding the campus, classroom renovations, computer repairs, and coaching basketball with two age groups each evening. I don’t know what I’d do without his help.

These will be his ongoing tasks, and I have added photographer and documentarian to Mamadou’s duties. This will help a lot because Tom is focused with his actual work and doesn’t always take the necessary time to show their achievements. I started this drive with a $5.00 monthly deduction myself, so we only have 29 more to go. Considering my 1,450+ Facebook friends plus Tom’s. Mamadou’s efforts will be suitably rewarded.

Here is the link to set up an auto deduct; thank you.

Daryl & Tom.

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