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Happy holidays!

We are still hard at work here in Sénégal, currently doing three projects at a high school and two middle schools.

The school year started at the end of October, and we’ve been repairing and building desks and chairs, doors and windows and painting. All the students now have a desk and classroom.

Our project manager, Modou Niang, has had some difficult months with a really bad case of Covid hospitalizing him and other members of his family. His older brother didn’t survive his battle against the virus.

I’ve had some pretty serious health problems as well, but have improved recently and things are returning to normal.

We’ve continued planning for the science lab for the Cabrousse High School and the creation of several vocational schools for the youth here in this region. We hope to push forward after the first of the year!

Please help us with your thoughts and prayers as we continue this important work here in Africa!

Donations are also very much appreciated. Remember KOVA is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization, so your donations made before Dec 31 are tax deductible on your 2021 tax returns! Please give generously!

We wish all of you a wonderful holiday season!

Tom Briggs

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