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eeping   ur   illages   live...


Sometimes we forget that we all live in a village, maybe it’s a large village like New York City, or a small village like Roff in Sénégal, West Africa, but we all live in a village… and each village has needs.

For Roff, their biggest need was access to water for drinking and farming. So together, we located an existing well with access to plenty of "salty" water, partnered with the government of South Korea to provide an effective filtration system and will begin to farm on 10 hectares using solar energy and drip irrigation.  In Tambacounda, where it rains almost half of the year, there is a school for over 100 students, and they had no roof. We successfully worked with the Senegalese government to resolve this problem.

There’s an expression in Senegal that is used a lot. “Niofar” - We are together.  Kova is not about giving charity; it’s about truly being together, more like family than strangers, and making life better.  Kova’s dream is to meet the specific needs of each village by connecting our separate villages together., and creating a better world.

We can all be part of Keeping Our Villages Alive            

We need your help, join us on our mission!

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