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  • Tom Briggs

New Projects in Kabrousse, Senegal, West Africa

We have 4 projects started at the high school and middle school of the village of Kabrousse. The projects have been incorporated into the curriculum therefore we have over a thousand students actively participating. (Appropriately 100 each day!). I’m including some photos to show our activities. Please make a donation to help us continue our work!

We are creating a garden space for each student. We will be testing various agricultural methods to determine the best system to produce the highest profit for the school.

Technology Improvements

We formed a technology club which gave us a workforce of 25 to begin the repairing of 100+ old computers.

Students come to school on various days with the different components (palm leaves, dry leaves and grasses, green leaves and grasses, manure, etc.) for our projects

We painted the side of a building to function as the "Big Blackboard" We now use this twice a day for sending messages to the student body.

Building School Pride and Involvement through Painting and Beautification

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