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Happy to become part of World Kova

As a longtime friend and neighbor, I have been following Tom’s journey in Africa I’m glad I recognized a niche where I can help his World Kova NGO from my home in Idaho.

I have joined the board and am jumping in to help on social media, the blog, fundraising and out of the box thinking that just may get me ejected from the metaphorical box. Tom is an altruistic bleeding heart, and I a businessman; NGOs need both mindsets to fly.

Many things can be done more expeditiously from the western world than the third world, great cell service, powerful computers loaded with spendy software, and high-speed internet.

In a world gone awry where problems seem too big to fix, a micro project like helping a school in Senegal and giving an old friend a hand may be a task where progress can be measured with the smiles of Senegalese children today, then rooting for their greater success tomorrow.

My mother was a rehabilitated alcoholic and we often had Alcoholic anonymous meetings in our home when I was a teenager and every meeting ended with a prayer that that has stuck with me all my life.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change...

courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

It is my hope I can build interest that in turn will power momentum for Tom’s dreams of teaching where his efforts will have a greater impact than his previous teaching positions, first the inner city of Washington DC then Idaho State University in Pocatello Idaho.

Daryl L. Hunter

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