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roff village

Roff is a small village for approximately 700 people near the town of Mbour.  The villagers live a modest life that supports family and community.  During the rainy season, a small farm produces sufficient food for its members.  But in October, when the dry season starts, the well begins to dry, and farming is no longer an option.  The dry season in Roff lasts for 9-10 months.  So, for the village to survive, many of the members travel away from their families to work in the urban areas of Senegal and send the majority of their earnings home to buy food and clothing for their communities.  

Our goal in Roff is to work with the community to increase their access to water.  We are accomplishing this by partnering with the South Korean government.  We located an adequate water source for the village, and the Koreans have installed a state-of-the-art filtration system that produces fresh desalinated water for drinking and agriculture.  Our next steps are to convert the electrical supply from a gas/oil generator to solar energy, and then begin the development of a 12 hectare farm for the village.  Drip irrigation will reduce their water usage and enable them to farm throughout the entire dry season.

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